Android Goodies – enjoy …

Cache Hound – Geocaching application


  • Now available on the marketplace
  • Load local database from gpx, zip, or loc files (Geocaching, BCaching and GSAK formats supported)
  • Full local cache details, including logs and additional waypoints.
  • Log finds to local database for field note export, including details of trackable movements, or direct to website.

and much, much more…

Cache Radar  – dynamic geoCache alerter

An appWidget dedicated for geoCachers – install it on your home screen.  It dynamically updates itself to show you the count of all caches within a certain radius of your current location, and using the button you can go through to the website to see the list of caches.


Tile Slider  – Traditional tile sliding puzzle


  • With 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Save and reload games.
  • Visual hint of solution