Cache Radar MkII


Attention all users!! New version with new clean look.
The latest version of Cache Radar  dedicated for those users who have a account – install it on your home screen.  It Annotated_Screenshotdynamically updates itself to show you a list  of all caches within a certain radius of your current location.

NB This is an appWidget which has to be placed on your home screen to work. It does not appear in the list of applications to run.


  • location determined by network and/or gps – location services must be on.
  • Shows latitude and longitude of current position if available
  • Based on your current position will show you a list of caches nearest to you within a certain search radius. (needs a data connection – either network or wifi)
  • auto detect of location changes can be switched on/off
  • manual refresh facility will update location and refresh cache list
  • User preferences for:
    • decide on units of distance to be used
    • search distance for cache locations
    • display format of location co-ordinates
    • filter searches
      • hide your own caches
      • hide disabled caches
      • hide caches already found
  • Clicking on a cache in the list will  show the web page from for the selected cache



These are the permissions we require when you install this widget:

Your location
  • fine (gps)
  • coarse (network based)
Network communication
  • full internet access

[tab:Privacy Policy]

What data do we hold and why?

We store the following information within the app widget itself – it is not held anywhere else:

  • user name – this is after you have logged in and authorised our application for use with your data held in
  • co-ordinates of last location found

We hold no other personal information or data.

In the case of an application crash we collect debugging information with respect to the cause of the crash. This include a stack trace of the application, the configuration details you have set up for Cache Radar Mk II (including your user name and last position co-ordinates), and general details of the device you are using eg make, model, android version etc. No personal information is collected.

This information is transmitted to a remote database where we can study the causes of failures and look to improve Cache Radar MkII

Within the Cache Radar Mk II application we do NOT use :

  • Any analytics data or tools
  • Ad serving


As Cache Radar MkII does not hold any personal data we have nothing to share, and we believe that having no personal data held by us is quite an effective data security policy.



Contact us!

Should you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or the data mentioned above that we do have in Cache Radar Mk II data, please contact us at

Last updated: 10 September 2015
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