A user friendly geocaching application written by geocachers for geocachers. Now available in the Google Market Place,
It has been designed so that it is equally capable of working in tandem with a stand-alone GPS unit that may have minimal support for geocaching, or as a fully self contained application on your Android device.


  • Use as companion to a dedicated GPS
  • Works without 3g signal or GPS enabled
  • Data loading via GPX or zip file.
    • supports groundspeak, gsak and bcaching formats
    • will also load LOC files
  • Full local cache details, including logs and additional waypoints.
    • Ability to add child waypoints such as the final coordinates for multi-caches and to navigate to them
    • Add user notes to waypoints, to record clues for multi-caches and puzzles for example.
    • List all downloaded waypoints filtered by user criteria.
  • Show all filtered waypoints on Google Maps, with satellite view option.
  • Download waypoint details to the database “on the fly”
  • Log finds to local database for field note export, including details of trackable movements, or direct to website.
  • No need to ‘remember’ where you picked up or dropped off trackables
  • Integrated voice recognition for audio logging (3g connection dependent)

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[tab:User Guide]
An online version of the user guide can be found here
[tab:Change log]

  • Release 1.1
    • Series of minor bug fixes to increase performance when zooming in and out of the map showing caches
  • Initial Release 1.0

[tab:Problems or Suggestions]
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If you are reporting a problem please supply as much information as possible eg

  • device
  • version of Android
  • location ie country etc
  • network in use
  • state of gps
  • anything else you think might be relevant

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