Cache Radar


Attention all Geo Cachers!!

An appWidget dedicated for geoCachers – install it on your home screen.  It dynamically updates itself to show you the count of all caches within a certain radius of your current location, and using the button you can go through to the website to see the list of caches.

NB This is an appWidget which has to be placed on your home screen to work. It does not appear in the list of applications to run.

Features (Free version)

  • location determined by network and/or gps
  • Shows latitude and longitude of current position if available
  • Based on your current position can give you the number of caches nearest to you within a certain search radius. (needs a data connection – either 3g or wifi)
  • auto detect of location changes can switched on/off
  • manual refresh facility will update location and cache counts if available regardless of auto detect setting
  • User preferences for:
    • decide on units of distance to be used
    • search distance for cache locations
    • display format of location co-ordinates
  • If online network is available then facility to show the web page from for the current location



These are the permissions we require when you install this widget:

Your location
  • fine (gps)
  • coarse (network based)
Network communication
  • full internet access
Phone calls
  • read phones state and identity ie we need to know if phone has just ‘woken’ up, gone on or offline etc.
    We do not do anything with phone calls as such

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2 Responses to Cache Radar

  1. Peter says:

    Don’t work on Samsung galaxy Tab 🙁

    • Dave Mellors says:

      Having spoken with Peter, there appears to have been a misunderstanding as to what the format of this application is. His problem once Cache Radar was installed was that he could not see an icon for it in the list of installed apps. Once it was confirmed that this was a widget which needed to be added to a home screen then it was acknowledged that it did in fact work.

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