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Cache Radar MkII is now available!

This is a brand new version of Cache Radar designed specifically for geocachers who have an account with The original version will still exist for those who do not have an account, but we suggest that you sign up so you can take advantage of this new version.

The new version has a cleaner, modern look and lists the caches found directly in the widget itself. See here for full details.

It can be installed from the google play store.



Cache Radar widget

Here it is – the first release of the free Cache Radar widget. Install it now to find out how many geoCaches are near to you now.

Then hit the list button to see where they are using’s website.  For more information …

It will be available from the android marketplace.

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A new release now available!!

Thanks to some of our users who have given us feedback.

As a result we have made a number of minor bug fixes which improve the performance when zooming in and out of the map showing caches.

We are busy adding new features to Cache Hound, if there is anything you would like to see added or have other suggestions then please let us know.

Head over to the market place now to get the latest version.

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Tile Slider

The game is now ready.

For more information …

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Cache Radar MkII now ready and available

CacheRadar_MKII_promo_24bitAt last, a new improved version of cache radar is available. Not just a small upgrade but almost a complete re-write to give it a clean distinctive look.


See the list of caches near you in the widget itself. This version is designed specifically for those users who have account.

Caches discovered for your location


Selecting a cache from the widget list will take you through to the cache detail web page in, so that you can see the full details of the cache held there.

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